Anonymous said:

Oppa! When will you come to Kuching again??

We’re not Sungha Jung, we just his fans, same like you. ^^

Still don’t have information about it.

Anonymous said:

Sungha and Megan Lee are dating?

I don’t know. He said he doesn’t have a girlfriend yet, but who knows? Let’s respect his personal life. 😋

sorrowlicher said:

do you know when is sungha going to hong kong?

He’ll have a tour to Taiwan - Hong Kong - China on Sept 20-29.

Stay tuned for more details. ^_^

Anonymous said:

Is there a HUGE Sungha Jung Fans Club here in Philippines? I want to join :D

Anonymous said:

Where can I buy Sungha Jung's concert ticket here in Manila?

The ticket will available soon. Please stay tuned.

mergraczz said:

ahhh can we know about the venue and time of sungha jung's concert in cebu philippines? :)

June 14, 2013

J Centre, Convention Center. 8pm

Sungha Jung LIVE in Singapore - May 25, 2013!

Check out Sungha Jung talking about his Live in Singapore
@sproutentertain May 25!