scottthebackpack said:

How do you know so much about Sungha,, do you actually know him?

I know him as his fan ;)

Anonymous said:

Who is the bestfriend who gave Sungha his ring?

The ring was from his mother. ;)

Anonymous said:

thank you so much for asking about if he was performing in brisbane, happy easter :))

No prob, I’m happy can help you. ;)
Happy Passover!

Anonymous said:

how much time sungha need to learn a song?

Usually, he needs 2-3 days :)

Anonymous said:

is sungha jung has a girlfriend? who is she?

He said no, but who knows? Let’s respect his personal life. ^^

Anonymous said:

do you happen to know how much money tickets cost in australia ? :)

Still don’t know about it yet.

Here’s your previous question, I’ve already asked to Sungha’s Tour manager.

Q : “Will Sungha has a concert in Brisbane?”
A : Well, I’m working on it. So far we have 2 sydneys. July 12, 14

Anonymous said:

when Sungha Jung comes to Indonesia?

Working for it, between September - December. Stay tuned. ^^